August 2015

Sidney & Bernie Davis Arts Center

2301 First St, Fort Myers, FL 33901

You may be challenged by her paintings, but to look at her work is to transported. Her paintings are filled with their own beauty, as colors soft and subtle, bright and bold, float suggestively into and out of their unique abstract shapes…every piece comes together like a puzzle or piece of music.

St.Jones Enterprises CEO

Her services also include being an astute art advisor, broker, dealer and sales representative.

I am strongly attracted to subjects that take a female perspective, but most importantly, I see myself as a storyteller. I am endlessly intrigued by composition and how that affects the way we interact as beings. It is, as if, color and shape are simply shades of our emotions, carrying us to each other as messages. To me, a painting is a translation of the world. Painting is a great adventure, just like life itself.

Sandra Ward
CatWalk Pros CEO